Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Homeschool Vote, Tuesday Plans

Join Me at The Homeschool Post!
Well, well, what do you know? I clicked on over to the Homeschool Post and, lo and behold, my blog was listed on their site! Apparently someone nominated me for Best Crafts, Plans, and Projects Blog (and didn't tell me, how funny!) I'm honored. I don't expect to win, not by a long shot, but I am still mighty honored. You can vote once in each category, so head on over and cast your votes.

Today we're on a race to get schoolwork done, and then we're going ice-skating! YAY! I haven't been in years. Fred hates it. Yes, he hates it. Fine, be a party pooper. So I'm going with a friend and her kids, and Fred is taking our littlest man on a "special time" to a park playdate and out to ice-cream. He may be a party pooper sometimes, but he's definitely a good daddy.

And then, folks, we're going out for our anniversary dinner. This weekend marks 13 years. I've talked about our differences, and how we've started to overcome those. The point is that marriage isn't easy. At least not always. Marriage, like all other relationships, goes through seasons. We've had Up Months, and Down Months. We've even had a couple of Down Years. We've fought like cats and dogs, and then gone through periods when we couldn't even let go of each other. It takes a lot of work but, at least for us, it's gotten better and better every year. I love my Man!

Also at the top of my Blessings List today is the weather. I've heard some people griping about 70+ degrees in mid-November, but I love this!!! This is exactly my kind of weather. In fact, yesterday I sat outside, face to the sun, and told my kids that some days are so perfect they almost feel like a dream. The sunshine and light breeze does that to me.
Enjoy it, folks, because we'll have ice and darkness before you know it.

Almost forgot-- I'm twittering now. Follow, if you want. Check the right-hand sidebar. My name is PaintPlayPray. :)


Soaring High said...

We just went ice skating on Sunday! So much fun! Have a great day!

sara's art house said...

COngratulations! I was surprised with a nomination too. How fun!